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OT: Integral PC Backup? - Howard Owen - 04-13-2006

So I have this shiny old Integral PC with the broken internal floppy, but plenty of external disk storage, between 2 9121Ds, 2 9122Ds, a 9133H and now a 7945, which is a 53 MB disk with an integrated 57MB tape drive. I'm interested in doing backups to the tape drive that don't involve the very cool, but expensive in terms of tape if your disk isn't close to full, integrated disk<->tape backup/restore facility the 7945 has in firmware. I also face the need to copy my HP-UX /usr tree from the 9133 to the 7945 so I can use the former with my 85B and 87XM. Now I could probably get a stripped down pax or cpio to compile natively on the machine, but I'd rather try that sort of thing at my leisure, with backups in the bank, so to speak. I am probably missing the backup utility in the extant floppy image libraries. I have the sparse HP-UX commands from the 3 floppies, the Utility disk with format_disc on it, and a few other goodies I have copied, including the c toolchain. Or maybe tar or cpio are on some other disk I haven't located yet. I know this topic strays a long way from HP calculators, but the 80 series does get discussed, and the Intergral was intended to replace those venerable machines. So my question: does anyone know of a backup utility for the IPC? Are there any other IPC resources other than hpmuseum.net or www.coho.org/~pete/IPC?


Re: OT: Integral PC Backup? Bourne Shell Solution - Howard Owen - 04-14-2006

Copying recursively from /usr (the 9134H) to /disc (the 7945's disk) turned out tp be easier to do in a bourne shell script than I expected. Remember that this is an extremely limited Unix with the paltry few commands given in the available floppies. But bourne shell is pretty powerful, and bash has retained all the basic syntax, so I had little trouble knocking out this script:

for from in *;do
if [ -d $from ]; then
echo "mkdir $to/$from"
mkdir $to/$from
echo "cd $from"
cd $from
/usr/util/cp.sh $to/$from
echo "cd .."
cd ..
echo "cp $from $to"
cp $from $to

It is now happily copying away. I expect the 12 or so MB to take about an hour. 8)


Re: OT: Integral PC Backup? - Vassilis Prevelakis - 04-19-2006

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