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Loose buttons - Bruno - 04-03-2006

Hi, I don't know why, but the "ON", "0", "2" and "3" buttons of my hp48 gii are loose. It's pretty annoying, and the "0" doesn't even work very well, is there a way to repair it manually? Did this happen to anyone else?

Every time I try to turn it off, the calc locks up because I hit red shift and ON, but the ON button is loose so it locks up...

Re: Loose buttons - bill platt - 04-03-2006

SOL on that one. When the domes go bad, it is all over :-(

Re: Loose buttons - Ron Ross - 04-03-2006

Since it is a 48Gii, you have a one year warrenty on workmanship I believe. And maybe longer as it is a keyboard issue. Call Hp's service center (find it on Hp's website). Unfortunately, I do not know the number offhand. Even if it is out of warrenty, you may still be able to have it repaired (they do no such thing, they just replace) for a modest fee of approx half the cost of a new calculator ie $30-50 (although this too may have changed).

Re: Loose buttons - Bruno - 04-18-2006

Thanks for the answer, unfortunately it's out the warranty...I'll look somewhere to fix it.

And sorry for the late answer...

Re: Loose buttons - Randy - 04-18-2006

I'll look somewhere to fix it.

Don't bother... The 48Gii is a disposable commodity :(