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HP Palmtop - John Kercheval - 03-28-2006

Can anyone tell me which was the most powerful HP palmtop? I know they do not make them any longer, but I have some DOS apps to run. I REALLY need one that would have the numeric coprocessor circuitry built in. If HP is not a good one, please suggest another model.


John Kercheval
Washington, DC

Re: HP Palmtop - Kiyoshi Akima - 03-28-2006

None of the HP palmtops had a numeric coproccesor (x87) built-in. But since the 100LX and 200LX were based on the 80186, the usual 80287 emulators do work. (Yes, the 80286/80287 emulators work with the 80186.) Of course, anything that relies on the protected mode of the 80286 won't work.

The emulators are slower than hardware, of course, and they do take up a few K of RAM, but if you really need to get a program to run, they do do the job.


Re: HP Palmtop - John Kercheval - 03-30-2006

Could you elaborate on that? Are you saying that there is a numeric coprocessor software emulator?

Also, what about the HP Journada (760?) or so.