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Corbulin bargain :-))) - gileno - 03-22-2006

Corbulin bargain

Re: Corbulin bargain :-))) - bill platt - 03-22-2006

Let's start a flame war...

Here's another:



Gee, what do you know--coburlin *buys* things for a lot of money as well as *sells*

Hmmm, that seems *so* unethical...NOT.

Can we cut this crap out already!

Re: Corbulin bargain :-))) - Howard Owen - 03-22-2006

He actually is very good at finding bargains. I suspect he's using some sort of automation.

Not that either of those things are unethical, just annoying.


(Yes, "I wish I'd grabbed that one" is a big part of my annoyance. 8)

Re: Corbulin bargain :-))) - Namir - 03-22-2006

Ask me if I even remmtely care!