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HP39G+ RPN wannabe - Andy - 03-19-2006

Hello Fellow RPNers,

Just picked up a brand new sealed HP39G+ for a song. I have a question, does anyone know how to turn this into a RPN calculator? Does ayone know of a SECRET keystroke sequence or perhaps shorting of a pin or something?

Thanking anyone in advance for any info,

Warmest regards,

(Babyboomer RPN power user)

Re: HP39G+ RPN wannabe - . - 03-19-2006

Not going to happen. Sorry.

Re: HP39G+ RPN wannabe - Eric Smith - 03-19-2006

If we told you the secret keystroke sequency, it wouldn't be secret any more. And we'd lose our membership in the cabal. Sorry.

If you can't find the secret keystroke sequence, the other way to turn it into an RPN calculator is to sell it and buy a 48GII or 49G+.

Re: HP39G+ RPN wannabe - Eric Smith - 03-19-2006

By the way, the secret RPN cabal is having its membership drive now, but I'm not allowed to tell you how to join.

Re: HP39G+ RPN wannabe - Primus Cabalist The - 03-19-2006

It that's! Back give membership-card your, Smith Eric!

Nikto Barada Klaatu, etc

Cabalist, The

Re: HP39G+ RPN wannabe - Paul Marin - 03-19-2006

Thats why you got it for a song It's non RPN

Re: HP39G+ RPN wannabe - Andy - 03-19-2006

Thanks guys,

Here i go, singing, dancing, warming up soldering Iron and sharpening my Stilleto switchblade. First open up my HP48gll, then copy RPN circuitry to HP 39g+, then .............#$%^& F-TOOOOM!!!

Re: HP39G+ RPN wannabe - Namir - 03-19-2006

It will work as an RPN calculator if you hold it upside down and operate it!




Re: HP39G+ RPN wannabe - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 03-19-2006

Hi, Andy;

I have two HP39G+ and, although about 90% of my HP's are RPN and I like it more than the algebraic notation, I use the HP39G+ without problems. In fact, I am reading about how to develop applets so my daughter may also use it for studying. The main reason I bought it, though...


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 19 Mar 2006, 10:42 p.m.

Re: HP39G+ RPN wannabe - Andy - 03-20-2006

LOL, Hey, it does work up sidedown :)

Re: HP39G+ RPN wannabe - Andy - 03-20-2006

Hi Luis,

I have several HP 11Cs, 15Cs, HP48GII and now a new HP39G+. I am beginning to really enjoy it now. Not bad for an Algebraic Calc. There a lots of them (new) on e-bay, etc at ultra low prices (under $30.00).


So. Calif Aerospace engineer

Re: HP39G+ RPN wannabe - Paul Marin - 03-20-2006

See....it doesn't have to be RPN to enjoy it now does it Andy :)


Re: HP39G+ RPN wannabe - Andy - 03-20-2006

Not at all Paul. Liking this lil gal with the long ALG blue dress more and more. Can always go back to the short skirted RPN 11C, 15C and the HP48GII big mama anytime...... :)