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HP-41 Cold Shock - Geir Isene - 03-07-2006

Could the HP-41 get problems during cold weather? Maybe that was a reason why one of my CXs died the other day. Another one apparently died today but I managed to revive it with only minor strange behaviour (a few previously unassigned keys were suddenly assigned some XROM functions in the 07 series).

Is it a sudden spell of cold shock? Is this possible?

Background info: I am living in Norway. It is early March. It's damn cold outside. A fireplace and a hot chocolate is the way to go.

Re: HP-41 Cold Shock - Garth Wilson - 03-07-2006

My 41cx manual says the minimum operation and storage temperature is 0 deg C. Then it goes on to say that if the batteries are removed, or if clock accuracy is not a concern, then the storage temperature can go down to -20 deg C. I can't think of anything in there that should experience any damage until you get down at least to -20, and then maybe you could damage the LCD. I did test a wide-temperature-range LCD here for my work a few years ago, and although they said anything below -40 could damage it (from freezing the liquid), I took it down to -55, even while operating. Although it was not readable down there, it was fine when brought back up to normal temperature.