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New source for programs - Artur-Brazil - 02-22-2006


I would like to present all you the new feature of my small site www.elibertas.com.br : a program's database. It is mostly dedicated to portuguese readers, but I would be very happy to receive programs and comments from everyone.

For giving me the pleasure of your visit, just go to:

and click on Programas.

Best regards, Artur

Re: New source for programs - Valentin Albillo - 02-22-2006

Hi, Artur

Nice idea but if you really want to have a sizable number of visits and inputs to your programs database, you really need to create an English version of your site.

Being a Spanish native, I do understand the texts at your site but frankly doubt that the vast majority of potential contributors would manage or find it comfortable or useful enough.

So I know it's a lot of work but ... English texts, descriptions and instructions would be mandatory. My own, much humbler web site is totally in English, I didn't even consider or care to produce an Spanish version.

Best regards from V.

This is not a bad idea ... - Artur-Brazil - 02-22-2006

Ok, Valentin,

I have been planning a new site, but as you said, it is a lot of work ...

Best regards!

Re: This is not a bad idea ... - Valentin Albillo - 02-22-2006

Also, I would suggest you use a more substantial "sample" program
for each featured model.

Counting upwards is certainly easy, but perhaps excessively so, plain boring, and doesn't reveal the machine's programming style.

May I suggest something still easy and understandable but, as
stated, more substantial, let's say a program to compute and output prime numbers, from 2 or 3 upwards ...

This is still outright easy and makes a far better example.

Best regards from V.

Sample programs - Artur-Brazil - 02-22-2006

Hey, very good observation.
I just have to justicy my so simple examples: I was (ans still doing) fixing the pages and incrementing its facilities, like scrowlling the numbers while editing lines and other small erros.
I hope I can count with your programs listed there, when you have sometime!

Best regards and I appreciated very much your interest!