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Battery leakage and cleaning ... - gr8patra - 02-20-2006

I just opened my HP82240B portable infrared printer battery compartment to find one of the batteries had leaked. There is some white residue on the battery contacts but it looks cleanable. I hope there is no residue inside the printer (as it had been sitting on its regular position in a drawer - not upside down). How could I clean the battery contacts? Is there a special solution I should use and any special tools?
Thank you,
Patra G.

Re: Battery leakage and cleaning ... - Vassilis Prevelakis - 02-20-2006

Lemon or vinegar will do. Once all the white stuff is gone, use distilled water to clean the area.

Needless to say, only very small quantities should be used.


Re: Battery leakage and cleaning ... - David Smith - 02-20-2006

The white stuff comes off easily with just plain water or isopropyl alcohol, no need for vinegar.

Re: Battery leakage and cleaning ... OT cleaning of car battery contacts - Klaus - 02-20-2006

I have been told some useful tips to clean the contacts of a car's battery:

Put any of that on the calc contacts and you will never experience any more problems. Even better, you can eat honey, egg or butter from your calc in extreme situation, so you are prepared :-)

(Reminds me of Adam's Hitchhikers.... where you soak your towel with nutrients)

P.S. I would not use any of the above, but distilled water or tequila!

Re: Battery leakage and cleaning ... - Ed Look - 02-20-2006

Just remember that there is potential toxicity (mimimal from ordinary carbon-zinc, or even "alkaline" batteries, which are similar) from battery leakage. Do your best not to touch the stuff, and if you do, rinse it off yourself with water.

Re: Battery leakage and cleaning ... - David Smith - 02-20-2006

The white stuff is potassium carbonate... not much to worry about there. It is formed when the potassium hydroxide electrolyte in the batteries reacts with carbon dioxide in the air. Best not to snort it or gobble it down though. Wash hands after handling. Shower daily. Lather, rinse, repeat.