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HP48, Battery Drain - John Kercheval - 02-11-2006


I have an hp 48GX with the HP 1MB memory card and the Bringslid Finance Pacx. It SEEMS to be going through batteries pretty quickly. The battery in the 1MB card is fresh, brand new.

Any ideas/comments?

On a related note, had anyone tried using the new AAA Lithium batteries in this thing?


John K.

Re: HP48, Battery Drain - Raymond Del Tondo - 02-11-2006


what do mean with 'quickly' ,

a week, a month, or half a year?

Have you checked if the calc

can be used much longer w/o battery change

if the cards aren't installed?

Another thought:

Do you heavily use software

or data from the RAM card?

Accessing 'covered' ports means

more work for the machine,

and more work means more battery drain;-)

Or do you simply use the calc heavily?

I have a Sparcom 512K GX RAM card in port 2,

and sometimes either an HP 128K card

or an 128K EPROM card in port 1,

and the batteries last for months.



Re: HP48, Battery Drain - John Kercheval - 02-12-2006

Hard to tell. I would estimate I get the Low Batt error about every six weeks. But I don't use it that much. Is there an "automatic timeout" switch in there? Maybe it comes on in the case and stays on?

John K.