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HP 12CP program discrepancy - C. F. Howlett - 02-10-2006

Greetings All:

I'm using the HP 12C Real Estate Applications Handbook and attempted to program the Mortgage Equity Analysis on page 48. This program doesn't directly address any registers, but it does use the STO and RCL functions. Anyway, punched it in and the output numbers wouldn't match up. Repunched with same output. Punched the same program into my 12C and no problem. What's happening here?

Re: HP 12CP program discrepancy - Thomas Cox - 02-10-2006

Have you confirmed that you are in RPN mode?

12345 to delete

Re: HP 12CP program discrepancy - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 02-10-2006

Hi, Howlett;

would that be possible to digitize (scan) the program listings and at least one example so I could test it? I tried the MoHPC DVD and did not succeed finding this book there. I also look at the 'HP37E & HP38E/C Real Estate Applications', volumes I and II, and did not find an equivalent example.

If you agree with, please send the images to:

lcvieira (at) quantica (dot) com (dot) br

The (at) and (dot) are @ and . respectively, just a way to avoid scam.


Luiz (Brazil)

Re: HP 12CP program discrepancy - tony (nz) - 02-11-2006

That prog needs 4 extra lines to run on the newest HP12c platinum.
You need RDN after each of:

the FV at line 20, the n at line 22, and the i at line 24.

The PMT at line 25 needs repeating.

The reason is that this prog calculates "p" at line 17 and multiplies it by PMT at line 26 (here PMT is -1/sn).

On the old 12C this "p" is preserved in the Y register while FV and n are updated. The new 12cp does not disable stack lift after values are entered in financial registers, so we need the RDNs above. Or, the program could be re-written in other ways of course.

Hope this helps.


Re: HP 12CP program discrepancy - C. F. Howlett - 02-11-2006

I did confirm the RPN mode.

Re: HP 12CP program discrepancy - C. F. Howlett - 02-11-2006

Thank you Tony! I mistakenly assumed the only programming adjustment required was to add an extra 0 when directly addressing program line #'s. I'll try your method and update later.