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71B Memory Module - Xavier LaRue - 02-05-2006

Hi there,

A little question, did somone made any memory module for the
71B. I see that for the 41, it has some user made memory module like
Clonix / NoVram... But for the 71B, Do that was done ?

Thank for yer info.

Also a last question, if the VER$ outputted string contain

Do that mean that I have the HPIL interface ?

Thank for all your answer.

Ahh and a last question, do the MoHPC is still availlable,
I'm considering the option to buy one.

Thank for all your help,
Xavier LaRue

Re: 71B Memory Module - Garth Wilson - 02-05-2006

I don't know of any recent HP71 memory module offerings, but back in the mid- to late-1980's, CMT offered them in 32KB and 64KB for the front ports, and 32KB, 64KB, 96KB, 128KB, and 160KB for the card-reader port. There was also a company that would hard-wire 256KB internally for you for a hefty fee, so it would not take up any of your ports.

The HPIL module added a pair of connectors next to the power connector. You don't even have to turn the computer on to tell if it has an HPIL module. If you have the pair of connectors there, you have HPIL. If they're not there, you don't. Very simple.

Your last question is not clear. Are you asking whether the MoHPC CD ROMs are still available? They are at http://www.hpmuseum.org/cd/cddesc.htm