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HP9100B Card reader - Marcel LERAT - 03-23-2001

I have got a system HP9100B with following peripherals:HP 9101A Extended Memory, HP9102A Buffer, HP9125A Plotter , HP11162A Cable and the manuals about them.
Unfortunately the rubber wheel on the card reader is out of order (totally crumbled) .
I search how the card reader is working: is the card inserted manually and when down is pushed up by the wheel without other command? I haven't any card.
I want to know the exact diameter of the rubber wheel normally 20-22 millimeters.
Many thanks for help. Marcel 

Re: HP9100B Card reader - David Smith - 03-23-2001

The 9100 card readers work by inserting the card all the way manually. When you push one of the grey buttons below the card reader slot, the card is pushed out of the reader and is wither read or written to as it is ejected.

Re: HP9100B Card reader - Glynn - 03-24-2001

Yeah, that wheel is really a "D": ALMOST totally circular, but with a cut out of it so that in its parked position, it does not touch the card. When you start the reader, it turns and engages the card, pushing it out of the slot.
So the dimensions you will need to reproduce it include both a diameter measurement, and the chord (and orientation) of the cut-out piece.

Re: HP9100B Card reader - Marcel LERAT - 03-24-2001

Many thanks for your reply. Because I haven't got any card I don't know exactly how that works !Marcel

Re: HP9100B Card reader - Marcel LERAT - 03-24-2001

Many thanks,Glynn, for your message. I see perfectly now how the CR is working. It is very easy to set free the CR block an the "tyre" too. I have got some rubber pulleys of the same thickness but hasn't cut to slide the card. I should be very glad to know the exact diameter of the circle and how long is the cut to make the same...Best regards Marcel

Re: HP9100B Card reader - D. Banks - 03-24-2001

I'm just jealous of any bugger who actually owns a 9100.

I've wanted one of those ever since I first saw one, long long ago.

Re: HP9100B Card reader - Marcel LERAT - 03-24-2001

It's a very beautiful jewel but my wife thinks it take too much sqare in the house ( with many other things) .May be is right...regards Marcel