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HP 41 functions - Paul - 01-23-2006

Need help. I have an HP 41CV that I have been using for years for simply math functions. While using the calculator recently I unknowingly hit a key which changed the display. I am trying to find someone who might be able to tell me which key I hit and how to get the normal display back. The present display is a number on the left followed by a decimal and then two numbers on the far right. The two numbers on the right correspond to hwo many decimal places are in the number that I enter. Can someone help?

Re: HP 41 functions - Randy - 01-23-2006

You changed it to engineering or scientific notation. To go back to the usual fixed 4 decimal places:

  1. [gold shift]
  2. [1] (see the word FIX above the 1 key?)
  3. [4]
and you'll be back to the default display format.