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HP33s keyboard - Al In FL - 01-19-2006

I'm sure this issue has been discussed here before, but can someone summarize the story with the keyboard on the HP33s?

I have one of the old ones (CN4040 series) with the poor screen, and a newer model (CNA 4420) with the improved screen (big improvement).

The problem with the newer one is the keyboard. The ZERO and ENTER keys repeatedly fail to register, even with a determined click dead center on the button. This is particularly problematic if you are trying to perform multiple operations at a useful speed of entry.

Any comments? Has this been fixed by newer models? If so, is there a CN range to look for (or something definitive to try through the packaging at Wal-Mart?)?

Al in Fl

Re: HP33s keyboard - Tim - 01-19-2006

That is strange. The 33s keyboard has been the most reliable of all the new models I own. I would send that one back.


Re: HP33s keyboard - John Smitherman - 01-19-2006

Hi Al in FL. The keyboard on my 33s dated 524 is a big improvement over previous versions. My suggestion is to look for models dated 524 or newer.

Happy Hunting!



Re: HP33s keyboard - hal - 01-19-2006

Hi Al,
For what it's worth...my new model 33s had an enter key that would occasionally fail to register, but with use the problem has cleared up.
Best regards, Hal

Re: HP33s keyboard - E. Young - 01-19-2006

I have a 33s with the serial number CNA 5020xxx that has an enter key that registers no matter how off center you hit it, and it always registers. I have a 33s replacement unit that I got from HP with a serial number of CNA442xxx that has the improved display, but the enter key is also more sensitive to off-center hits. The tactile feel of the CNA 5020 unit is also far superior. It is less rigid or "clicky". It has a definite click, but is much smoother.

I plan on selling my CNA442xxx unit on ebay and getting another CNA5xxx unit or better because of the keyboard feel.

Wouldn't it have been great if HP had resolved these issues before releasing the 33s for sale?

The first 33s that I bought in the summer of '05 was CNA4xxxx and had the horrible display and an unrelaible keyboard. I still see units of that vintage at WalMart. I wonder how much repeat business HP will get from people who purchase one of the older ones on the shelf, especially if these people are not aware that the display and keyboard have been improved. They would be better off getting those bad units of the shelf that never should have been available for sale in the first place. Hopefully they have learned their lesson for the future.

followup - Al In FL - 01-19-2006

an officemate has one (it was still in the package). it's a CNA527 and is much improved (both display and keyboard).

I notice that they started adding a little sticker to the outside of the packaging that shows the number. Very helpful.

I guess there have been 3 (or more) iterations of the display type?

thanks for the help...I'll hunt down a 524 or 527...

Re: HP33s keyboard--Please Read This - bill platt - 01-19-2006


Re: HP33s keyboard -- you might try "the wiggle fix" - Paul Brogger - 01-20-2006

Some users (including me) of early HP-49G+ units have had success with "the wiggle fix" for those keyboards.

On mine, I just pushed the offending keys (one by one) down firmly, and then wiggled them (while still pressing down) side-to-side, top-to-bottom, round & round, within the travel allowed by the keyboard mechanism.

It actually seemed to help with the 49G+ key problems, and I think the 33S keyboard structure is similar. That said, I've not had much problem with 33S keys, and so haven't tried this fix on that model myself.

So, do so at your own risk. (But if you do try it, do report your results, if any!)