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12C Platinum LCD Dust Problem - Jeff - 12-26-2005

Well, it's kind of annoying. I have one of the newer 12C Platinum units, and have noticed specks of dust that are plainly visible in the display area.

Does anyone have a suggestion? Should I open it up and spray it out with compressed air? Is that a tricky process?

Or should I buy a new one at Office Depot and return this one as defective?

How does dust even get there in the first place?

Many thanks!

Re: 12C Platinum LCD Dust Problem - Anthony L. Mach - 12-26-2005

Hi Jeff,

I bought a new one there recently, too. I also have the dust problem, but mine isn't too bad. It could be manufacturing defects. Office Depot has a very good return policy (I've had to return more than one thing). You could try the canned air, but it didn't work in my case. It's probably best to return for a new one - after all, they're not cheap!