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2225B Thinkjet battery pack - Bill Lafferty - 12-17-2005

I have been unable to get my non functioning 2225B battery pack rebuilt here in Australia. Is there a workshop manual for this, or can anyone give me some information regarding the makeup of the battery. The batteries in my pack are dead, badly corroded, and the motherboard in the pack appears to be damaged.

Re: 2225B Thinkjet battery pack - Michel Beaulieu - 12-17-2005

Hi. It's fresh in my memory because i just rebuilt my thinkjet! Well, you only need 6 sub-c batteries to rebuilt the pack. For the board, mine was dead too. It is simple to make if the coil is still usable. others parts on the board are commons: 4 rectifiers diodes and a simple resistor. I'm not a EE, can someone tell me the use of that coil in the rectifing circuit - these are very populating in computer switching power supply; is it a "kind" of primitive switching concept in that battery pack?


Re: 2225B Thinkjet battery pack - Tony Duell - 12-18-2005

The coil is simply there to prevent interference (from the Thinkjet's logic circuits) getting out via the charger cable (which could act as an aerial).

I have never had that part fail, though.

Re: 2225B Thinkjet battery pack - Etienne Victoria - 12-18-2005

Hello Bill,

I've put pictures of the pack on my website to show you my version of the board.

The picofuse is wired between any of the Sub Cs Ni-Cad (polarity is unimportant):

It is a 5A 25V fuse.

You'll also find detailed pictures of the other components:

There were at least 3 different versions of the motherboard and no component of
mine matches exactly the reference you stated in your mail.

I do not know of any paperwork or reference on this battery pack but would be glad
to help further if you recognize your broken components on my pics.

Kind regards from Fourqueux (France)