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For those who ordered a 49G+ from Joe Horn... - Wayne Brown - 12-05-2005

...a bit of news has surfaced.

Several people have mentioned over the last few months that they ordered 49G+ calculators from Joe Horn's web site but never received them. I believe it's been about a year since those orders were placed, and people have (understandably) been concerned and/or upset about the situation. The most worrying part is that there has been little or no information available about the reasons for it. There were a few bits of information indicating that Joe had been dealing with some serious health issues, but no explanation for why no one was at least attempting to answer questions about the calculators. Although I didn't order one of these calcs myself, I found all this troubling because I've always known Joe to be a stand-up guy and found it hard to believe that he would behave in a dishonest manner, so the whole mess seemed inexplicable.

However, it looks like the situation is on its way to being resolved, and I'm happy to say that the problems up to now appear to have been, as expected, beyond Joe's control. There's been a thread in comp.sys.hp48 recently discussing this issue, and Joe responded to it yesterday. I'm going to reporduce his reply here, for the benefit of those who don't read comp.sys.hp48.

Joe Horn <joehorn@holyjoe.net> wrote:
> Mike wrote:
>> I have been contacted by one of Joe's friends who is still
>> working to clear up this mess. We have emailed a few
>> times today and it sounds like in the long run, things are
>> indeed going to get resolved and those being owed
>> calculators will eventually receive them.
> That is correct, and I am hugely thankful to the many people who have
> offered to help. I'm caught in a predicament that I am absolutely
> unable to resolve, and (due to its nature) absolutely unable to
> explain, much to the reasonable consternation of those involved. I was
> not even able to RESPOND about it until now. Suffice it to say that I
> placed my naive trust in the wrong hands, and stupidly signed stupid
> agreements, and a lot of people got screwed (including me). I can't say
> any more about it, except that it WILL be resolved VERY soon, in a way
> that I promise will be most agreeable to all. At that time, either I or
> one of those helping with this mess will post a message here
> immediately to let y'all know how it was resolved... as well as some
> good news that will make everybody's day.
> Meanwhile, there are nine people who have every right to be angry as
> hell. I'm one of them, and am more eager than they are to undo the mess
> I caused.
>> Why Joe has to rely on a friend, who lives nearly 100 miles
>> away, to take care of this is beyond me, however I am relieved
>> to hear that things are progressing.
> They are. Thank you for being one of the people who has reached out to
> help.
> For all readers who are not involved, PLEASE accept my apology for the
> bandwidth that this fiasco has taken up on comp.sys.hp48. It'll all be
> over very soon.

Re: For those who ordered a 49G+ from Joe Horn... - Wayne Brown - 12-12-2005

The latest news from Joe on this issue, posted in comp.sys.hp48 on December 9th:

Joe Horn <joehorn@holyjoe.net> wrote:
> Joe Horn wrote:
>> It'll all be over very soon.
> All the pending hp49g+ orders were shipped today. Finally.
> Details will remain online at http://holyjoe.net/hp/hp49gplus.htm
> -jkh-