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Hepax on eV41 emulator - DavidMY - 11-22-2005

For anyone who might be using Frank B's eV41 emulator on Pocket PC and wanting to test the Hepax module try this:

First, using Warren F's 41 Emulator for Window (latest version), load the hepax.mod file into it's configuration and run the emulator. Be sure to turn the "calculator" off and on so the Hepax RAM will get initialized.
(We need to do this because we won't be able to have Hepax initialize it's RAM in the eV41 emulator)

Next, copy the hepax.mod file to a safe location and using the ModFileWin.exe application split the hepax.mod file into 6 rom files: Hepax 1-4 and Ram 1-2.
(We need to do this because eV41 uses the older .rom files only)

Third, copy the 6 files to the PDA into the folder (generally /My Documents/eV41) where the other Rom modules and the autorun.ev41 configuration file is located.

Four, make a copy of your autorun.ev41 configuration and then edit the origional.
We need to add the 4 Hexpax ROM's to
$Page F 1 Hepax1 Important!! must be page F
$page F 2 Hepax2
$page F 3 Hepax3
$page F 4 Hepax4
Edit the Ram roms to:
$page 8 RAM1 Again Important!! Hexpax expects its RAM
$page 9 RAM2 Starting at slot 8

Fire up the emulator, do a catalog 2 and Hepax 1-D should be listed
Do an "XEQ ALPHA HEPDIR ALPHA" and you should see "Dir empty" and when you clear the display the X-reg should have 1340 displayed (i.e the number of hepax ram registers in a standard 8K Hepax)

Most all the commands appear to work including the XF and Hepax multifunctions. Be careful though, I only figured this out about an hour ago and I did have on crash: it appears that returning from a extended page (3 or 4) doesn't always work and the Hepax can go NON-EXISTANT from the directory structure.

Giving credit where it is due:
I got the idea from the thread below discussing using the HEPAX in the MLDL2000. Especially Diago's comment that loading the HEPAX to an odd page will suppress it attempting to relocate itself.
It also stops the initialization ofHepax RAM which is why we needed to initialize the ram files in v41 first. Again, remember that irrigardless of where the Hepax ROM is located it ALWAYS expects its RAM to start at page 8000hex and be continuous: i.e. an 8K RAM is located at pages 8 & 9 and a 16K RAM is located at pages 8,9,A and B.
David Y