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HP 48GX program - Mike - uk - 11-16-2005

Is it possible to temporarily remove the programming ability of the HP 48GX. I know this may seem strange but as it is programmable, it is not allowed to be used under exam conditions. Hence the question?

Re: HP 48GX program - James M. Prange (Michigan) - 11-16-2005

Temporarily remove the batteries. ;-)


Re: HP 48GX program - Ron - 11-16-2005

I could certainly be wrong, but I think James wanted only to disable the programs from use during an exam. Wouldn't removing batteries disable all functional capability? Does on mine

Re: HP 48GX program - Howard Owen - 11-16-2005

I think that was the (not quite serious) point.

The fully serious point implied by that is that there is no way to do what the questioner wants, short of making the calculator inoperable.

Re: HP 48GX program - James M. Prange (Michigan) - 11-16-2005

Yes, the "wink" emoticon was meant to convey the idea that I was joking.

Seriously, since the compiler creates a SysRPL program every time you press ENTER or an immediate execution key with something in the command line. It's hard to see how you could disable programming and still have the calculator usable at all.


Re: HP 48GX program - Ron - 11-17-2005

LOL James -

Brand new to the forum, not to the product. My rookie week on the forum is full of ignorance, especially about who has been around long enough to "wink" or have tongue in cheek. My experience in other forums like MathCad tells me that such privileges are well earned by special contributors. I look forward to reading your many contributions and learning more programming tricks for the 48 and 49 critters.

My bio with handhelds started with the TI-59 circa 1975 and followed with 15c, 12c, the 48 series and now a Christmas gift the 49g+. I have enjoyed teaching such subjects as queing theory (with learning curve) and reliability calculations in computer maintenance manpower considerations, etc, not to mention some interesting on-site real estate transactions involving random patterns of cashflows. I even programmed some photography equations into the MES system of the 48 to calculate depth of field and other solutions in the field which helped me to appreciate some possible uses by surveyors and other civil engineers.

Forgive me for not taking the time to recognize your "wink." It was a faux pas and won't happen again.


Re: HP 48GX program - Mike - uk - 11-17-2005

Thanks for the response. Perhaps my question was not phrased correctly. In the UK any calculator that is programmable (in that they imply that it has the ability to store user-inputted programs/functions), then it is not permitted in exam conditions. However if you have a calculator that can perform a manor of operations through the main or left shift/right shift keyboard, provided it does not store formulae or programs once turned off, it is allowed in exam conditions. My intention was to remove the ‘user’ programmability off the calculator, temporarily and then replace it afterwards. All other ‘standard’ maths functions would remain as installed in the factory. Regardless I will probably have to purchases a suitably accepted calculator for exams. Thank you again for your comments.

Re: HP 48GX program - Arnaud Amiel - 11-18-2005

Although it is not possible to remove the programmability of the calculator, it is possible to wipe out all the content of the memory which means that if you had store anything before your exam and the inspector sees the memory clear, he might just allow you to use it. It is worth checking before end with the inspectors.


Re: HP 48GX program - I, Claudius - 11-18-2005

"...any calculator that is programmable... then it is not permitted in exam conditions."

That definitely rules out the 48/49 series, also the 32/33. That leaves you just the 30s and 6s, currently available from HP.

Is this for any exam, including physics/engineering, or just math?