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Website update - Matthias Wehrli - 11-04-2005

Just my quarterly notice. I updated my website:

- New pictures in different parts
- New HP-41 module list
- New pictures of my second hobby: archery
- Updated sale & trade list

Just go to: http://www.hp-collection.org


Re: Website update - Namir - 11-04-2005

Does anyone have info on the hP71B HP 82489A AMPI Statistics Pac?? I bought one in an eBay auction, but I don't have any documentation. Your help is GREATLY appreciated!

Re: Website update - Namir - 11-04-2005

Thanks for the update!

I recently bought an HP71B Curve Fit Pac and a Math Pac. It seams I missed out on these pacs when they came out originially. I had an HP71B but did not use it much. It's wonderful to discover cool pacs like the one I mentioned. The Math Pac has matrix commands that extend BASIC and are similar to the HP-85A Matrix ROM.

I am glad that the museum DVD has documentations for the 71B Pacs that I mentioned above. Really fun stuff. HP was way ahead of its time back then!!!


Edited: 4 Nov 2005, 11:40 a.m.