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Pre-loaded EQN in new 33s - ECL - 11-03-2005

Last Friday I purchased a new (CNA 52707099) 33s. I obtained it from the university bookstore. The package was intact and very fresh (no tell-tale signs of return), yet the EQN listing contained the equation for the volume of a solid cylinder.

Has anyone else noticed this? Its the third new one that I've opened so far, and its the only one to have this.


Re: Pre-loaded EQN in new 33s - Norris - 11-03-2005

The equation in question is used as an example on p. 6-1 of the 33S manual, so that is presumably why it is preloaded. I believe others have reported seeing it as well. Can't remember whether my 33S had it pre-loaded or not.