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Free HP 15C Emulator - Bang Bui - 11-01-2005

Hi all,
Does any know of a free (or cheap shareware) emulator for HP 15C to run on Windows XP? There are lots for Pocket PC but I want it for XP.

Re: Free HP 15C Emulator - Arnaud Amiel - 11-01-2005

Try nonpareil but it will give you more than you asked.


Re: Free HP 15C Emulator - Torsten - 11-02-2005

You can try my HP-15C Simulator written in Tcl/Tk. It comes as Windows and Linux executable. Source code should run on any OS supported by Tcl/Tk.
Just send me an email.


Re: Free HP 15C Emulator - Dave Bernazzani - 11-02-2005

Not quite an emulator... but you might have a look at Excalibur 32-bit. This "from-the-ground-up" RPN calculator has a simple layout and small memory footprint and does most everything the 15C does and then some. The 15C was one of four calculators that were the primary inspirations for Excalibur. Though it doesn't attempt to duplicate the look (other than classic Voyager series landscape layout) or exact keystroke sequences, it does capture the elegant feel of a well-made RPN instrument.

It was originally designed for Windows 9X, since it uses standard win32 API calls it will run fine under XP - though I'm working on v2.00 now (with enhanced programming features) that has better XP support. There is no cost to use the program. A search on "Excalibur RPN" will find it for you.

For something much closer to the 15C look-and-feel, I'd also second the recommendation for nonpareil, though the Windows side is still considered in an "alpha" stage.

Re: Excalibur 32-bit - Eamonn - 11-02-2005


I have been using Excalibur as my Windows calculator for a couple of years now and I would like to thank you for putting together such a great piece of software and making it freely available. I have forwarded it to several colleagues who also use it daily. I use it primarily because of the RPN entry, but also because of all the functionality it provides - scientific, statistics, financial, comp. sci., etc, all seamlessly integrated together.

I have tried several excellent HP sim/emulators (semulators?) on Windows, including Nonpareil, Free 42s, V41, etc. While these are also great products, I find myself using Excalibur on a daily basis. Not sure why - I think it's a user interface issue. I guess I prefer to use the actual physical calculators that these *mulations are based upon, while Excalibur seems easier to use on the Windows desktop.

I also like the fact that Excalibur is programmable, although I haven't written as many programs for it as I have for the programmable handhelds. Since I use Excalibur on a PC, I usually resort to other tools for programming on that platform. I find that programming the handhelds themselves is much more useful since I can use the programs away from the PC.

Thanks again for such a useful tool - I highly recommend it to others.


Re: Excalibur 32-bit - Dave Bernazzani - 11-02-2005

Thanks for the kind words Eamonn. Excalibur has been one of the longest running "hobby-projects" I've ever worked on. More than a decade now... When I started the project, I was in school and couldn't afford a good RPN calculator from HP. I drooled over the various models that were out at the time. I was even more interested in classic models which were (even then) somewhat expensive. I wanted a 16C so badly for my programming work! But I wrote Excalibur after using a 16C at work and later a 15C which was borrowed to help me through some exams. At some point after graduation I managed to scrape together enough cash to get a 32SII which I was extremely pleased with (of course it's still up and running almost 10 years later).

Even though I wrote Excalibur to be full featured, I still love handheld calculators and prefer them to computer-based calculator programs. There is something satisfying about holding a well crafted handheld calculating machine. But it's convenient to have one on your desktop - or across multiple desktops so that you always have something familiar and useful to bring up quickly. I've worked hard to give Excalibur it's own comfortable feel - simple but feature packed.

If anyone is interested in trying the latest beta with new functions, better XP support and enhanced programming features, feel free to contact me and I'll forward you a copy (the program continues to be extremely small - about 160kb in compressed form).