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thermal printer HP - Pierre Dutoit - 10-26-2005

Where can I get my HP thermal printer 82162A repaired in Europe?

Re: thermal printer HP - Doug Wilder - 10-28-2005

Never heard of someone fixing these anywhere. I suppose that if someone does it, he will be here.

Recently my 82162A blew it's print head (dropping one element), and because i have a few old 43A's, i used the print head from one of those and it worked!

Only thing about removing the thermal print element: use a cut down credit card to release the connector (slide it in next to it), i distroyed one before figuring that out. The manual (43A) don't explain it; just says "use tool #322393-BF2 to remove the cable".


Re: thermal printer HP - Tony Duell - 10-29-2005

I have taken the 82162 apart (there's a schematic on the HPCC CD-ROM, and on the web IIRC), I've never had to repair one.

To remove those flexiprints (also used in the Topcats), I find a couple of HP41-size magnetic cards slipped under the contacts will do it. The correct tool, I believe, was a thin metal blade, I have thought about trimming down one of the stainless steel plastering tools from the local DIY shop. If I do that, I'll let you know how I get on.

What is the the problem with your printer? I can give you some initial tests to do. I would be happy to look at it if you can get it to an HPCC meeting in London (that is Europe, but probably not a lot of use for you ;-)).

Re: thermal printer HP - David Smith - 10-29-2005

I use a piece of thin (10 mil) stainless steel spring stock. A piece of Venitian blind slat also works great. I have it trimmed to that you can do a printhead on one end or a HP97 card reader on the other. Most plastering tools are at least 20 mils thick... too fat for this application.

Re: thermal printer HP - Pierre Dutoit - 10-31-2005

Thank you Tony. I got battery pack adapted to the printer from Piscera Salvaore, Italy (4 GP rechargeable NiCd 1.2V 2000 mA). I have a good original HP charger 82066A 220V~ 3VA 8V~. Once the batteries charged, the printer has difficulty to work. Sometimes paper advance works, sometimes not.
I live in Montreuil, close to Paris.