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HP-41c 'Special Characters' - Brian Gladman - 10-20-2005

I have been rebuilding my old HP-41c and checking it out by keying in some programs. But entering some special characters is driving me to distraction. I would be most grateful if someone could tell me how to enter the '|-' character (an E without upper and lower horizontals) - I can't find it anywhere on the keyboard and its driving me nuts!

Re: HP-41c 'Special Characters' - Garth Wilson - 10-20-2005

<shift> K

Re: HP-41c 'Special Characters' - Valentin Albillo - 10-20-2005

In PRGM mode and in ALPHA mode, press [yellow key][XEQ key].

Best regards from V.

Re: HP-41c 'Special Characters' - Brian Gladman - 10-20-2005

Thanks guys - thats a fantastic response - answered in less than a minute!

Brian Gladman