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Series 200 software Posted - Howard Owen - 10-19-2005

From a recent eBay haul, I have posted a dozen or so disk images of old HP series 200 (9816, 9826, 9836) software on retrocalculator.com. The new stuff is listed below. To get to it, click on the "Old Software" link at the above URL.

  • HP BASIC 2.0 (RMB) - A complete set including utilities
  • IEM FORTRAN 77 for 200 Series
  • The Context MBA for 200 Series. Business software on a 9816?
  • Terminal Emulator for Series 200. (What, that weird serial port? Yes.)
  • System Test for 9816

This stuff joins HP Pascal 2.1 that has been available for some time.

Please let me know about any problems you encounter. I didn't click every link, but I was systematic about creating them so sampling should have been enough to test.


Re: Series 200 software Posted - Namir - 10-19-2005

The HP-71B link does not lead to its intended web page.

Re: Series 200 software Posted - Howard Owen - 10-19-2005

Ah, got it. Now it does!

Thanks, Namir!