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exchanging displays? - Bram - 09-25-2005

(Seems that 48 is in picture these days.)

Well, I've a question as well. Would it be possible (and feasible) to put the display of an HP 48G in an HP 48GX of which the display is broken?

Technically possible?

Mechanically possible? Case not glued together?

Re: exchanging displays? - H.D. - 09-25-2005

It is possible to take apart the HP48 without damage any parts whatsoever. It takes a bit of patience and courage, though. Changing the display, on the other hand, would require lots of techinical skills.

The PCB of the HP48 is held to the top of the calculator by 6 tabs. These tabs are very hard to remove. They look like T's, with the top part of the T twisted (rotated about the vertical axis). You'd have to undo the tabs to get the PCB out.

Only then can you get to the LCD. Check hpcalc.org on how to open the HP48 -- there are even pictures of opened ones to show you what you're up against. Lastly, make sure you read the document on how to open the calculator without damaging it. (It helps to look at ALL the photos of opened ones, first)

If you find that the directions are not as clear, I have some photos I can send you as well as some directions.

Re: exchanging displays? - Bram - 09-26-2005

Thanks for your answer.

I'll study the sources you mentioned. I may give it a try in the future.