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17BII+ keys been fixed?? - Stephen Easterling - 09-23-2005

I recently bought a new 17BII+ and returned it because of the same "missed entries" with the keypad that I had with the 49G+ and my 9-month-old 12C Platinum. Has anyone else experienced this and found resolution to the problem?

Re: 17BII+ keys been fixed?? - John - 09-23-2005

I've had about five 17BII+ calculators and never had a missed keystroke.

You probably just got a bum unit. Certainly haven't seen any reports here or on the newsgroups about any problem with that calculator's keyboard.

Now the solver has been a different thing altogether.

Re: 17BII+ keys been fixed?? - Stephen - 09-24-2005

I got it a week ago at a local Office Depot. What is the SN of one of your that works well? Are your fingertips accustomed to using, e.g., a 17BII or other HP scientifics in the past? I was finding that when I would use one HP scientific and then use the 17BII+, I found it difficult to key in an entry. In fact, I would hit the buttons (of the 17BII+) and hear the click sound, but not get the entry to appear on the display unless I pressed even harder. I believe that if you can hear the click, then it should register the number on the display, and I wasn't experiencing that with this model (or with my new 12C Platinum or with a 49G+,... but I do with a new 33S).