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Blue Calculators - Eddie Shore - 09-23-2005

Is the HP 39g(+) the only blue calculators that ever existed?

Re: Blue Calculators - Massimo Gnerucci (Italy) - 09-23-2005

No, have a look a the easily readable! HP6 ;-)

Re: Blue Calculators - Howard Owen - 09-23-2005

The 49G is a metallic blue, also.

Re: Blue Calculators - Matthias Wehrli - 09-23-2005

I have a blue HP-41 ;)

(deleted post) - deleted - 09-23-2005

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Re: Blue Calculators - Jeff - 09-23-2005

My 12C Platinum is blue. Also, how about those solar ones they made a few years ago? Wasn't one of those blue?

Re: Blue Calculators -- Sharp - Paul Brogger - 09-23-2005

Sharp has made translucent blue scientifics, and I've seen them at Office Depot, Wal-Mart & etc. of late.

Re: Blue Calculators - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 09-23-2005


compared to the HP48S/SX series, the HP48G-series have a 'blue-like' case.

Re: Blue Calculators - Howard Owen - 09-23-2005

Blueish, I'd say. My subjective analysis: the back and sides are a blue-green that is closer to green than blue, and the keypad background is the same color, but in different material. The frame around the (black on olive green, usually) screen is a lighter blue-green that is slightly closer to blue than green. To top it off, the right-shift button and labels are all turquoise, whuch adds to the overall "bluish" effect.

Re: Blue Calculators -- Sharp - Howard Owen - 09-23-2005

Ah, you noticed he didn't qualify "calculators" with "HP". We could probably extend this thread indefinitely if we ran with that. 8)

Edited: 23 Sept 2005, 4:03 p.m.

Re: Blue Calculators -- Sharp - Eddie Shore - 09-24-2005

Since I didn't qualify which brand, I would also nominate TI-34 II+, TI-30 XII+ (I think that is correct), TI-82, and TI-83.

I didn't realize blue was a common color in calculators.

Re: Blue Calculators - Iqbal - 09-25-2005

Hi Matthias, I think I remember seeing a blue 41 somewhere before [maybe ebay]. Do you have any photos of it you would like to share? my email is iqbalNOSPAM@tstt.net.tt [remove NOSPAM]
Thanks Iqbal

Re: Blue Calculators -- Some more... - Marcus von Cube, Germany - 09-26-2005

My HP 720 is blue (Is this a calculator? At least, it's from HP!)

The TI-81 (TI's first graphic) was blue, too.

My ancient TI-36 Solar comes in a blue sleeve (firmly attched to the calc, it opens sideways.) and it has some blue keys. The case itself is aluminum.

The Casio fx-85MS comes in a dark blue/black combination.

Re: Blue Calculators - Matt Kernal - 09-26-2005

Shortly after the 49G was released, one forum user came up with a name for the Imac-like shade of blue: Frozen hampster butt blue. And the name stuck!

Re: Blue Calculators - Howard Owen - 09-26-2005


I hadn't heard that one. And to think it's been around since 1999 or so. 8)