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Replacement Voyager Rubber Feet - Brian M - 09-19-2005

I recently spotted someone selling replacement rubber feet on ebay called Vintage Voyager Rubber Pads (TM). They are advertised as being slightly thicker than the original equipment, thus adding increased clearance and reduced probablilty of scratches on the bottom.

Personally, I have no desire to participate in buying or selling through the world of ebay however, I am interested in aquiring some through more normal channels.

Any information out there good, bad or alternatives? Also, how to contact the manufacturer for further information.


Re: Replacement Voyager Rubber Feet - Stephen Easterling - 09-19-2005

I don't know about the manufacturer of those Voyager feet (pads), but I have ordered some through that same Ebay seller. I should receive them any day now, and I'll let you know what I think. The seller was very easy to commuvicate with and seemed like an honest person. It is NOT easy finding some of these older calculators anywhere except on Ebay, and many of the sellers are engineers, scientists, or teachers and enjoy the HPs as much as any diehard collector, but feel it's just time to sell. Ebay is the best way for that. Besides, everytime I look on this website for a calc, the seller usually just refers the potential buyer to a link where he/she has already posted it on Ebay. But getting back to the point of your inquiry, I believe the replacement rubber feet should be well worth the money considering what they do for an old Voyager, their accessibility, and esp. their low cost.

Re: Replacement Voyager Rubber Feet - Tomas Fischer - 09-20-2005

I purchased those pads from the same seller on eBay and they are perfect. Perfect fit and I didn't noticed the thickness. Very nice eBay guy btw. I would recommand buying from this guy. Hope this helps.

Re: Replacement Voyager Rubber Feet - David Smith - 09-20-2005

The Voyager slip cases are well known for being a very tight fit. Thicker feet may cause problems getting the machine in and out of the case. Many voyagers have lost their logos off the front due to the slip case.

Re: Replacement Voyager Rubber Feet - Brian M - 09-20-2005

Good point on the case fit!

Re: Replacement Voyager Rubber Feet - Curtis - 09-22-2005

Just to allay some of your fears/reservations, please review the feedback from satisfied customers: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback&userid=pimpmyhp

Personally, I'm a computer scientist who was introduced to the HP Voyager calculators during my college days at Columbia University. Recently, I noticed my 16C had the feet missing and I thought about replacing the calculator until I saw the prices they were being sold for on eBay. That's how I came upon the idea of selling the pads. As the saying goes, although I've never really found out who said this but, "Necessity is the mother of invention."




Re: Replacement Voyager Rubber Feet - Curtis - 09-22-2005

The tight fit of the slip case was taken into consideration before the rubber feet were fabricated. Consequently, I can guarantee that they will not make your case fit any tighter than it already does. As a matter of fact, the difference in thickness is so slight, that you really have to pay very close attention before you'll notice.

By the way, I do accept checks or money orders directly. So if the concept of doing business through eBay is a deterrent to purchasing the rubber feet, then you can just contact me directly at pimpmyhp@gmail.com, and I'll supply you with a mailing address and "payable to" information.

Best regards,



Re: Replacement Voyager Rubber Feet - tony (nz) - 09-27-2005

I just received some here. Absolutely perfect!

Re: Replacement Voyager Rubber Feet - chas - 10-02-2005

David and Brian,

I just found this string.

I bought 4 sets of feet from Chris last spring. just before he had his ad down pat on eBay and one set was the quantity he offered on an eBay sale. Mailed him a check, and they arrived after he wrote me when he received check and then when he mailed the feet.

Can't ask for a better fit, working great with the HP slip case.

Chris is quite communicative and does what he says that he will. I've never met him, and have no economic interest in his business. I'll buy from him again in the future when I run out.

His Replacement Feet just work well.