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Why purchase a 128k card for 48GX? - dan - 01-22-2001

Other than the card being a small attachment, why wouldn't you purchase another HP 48G+ for $80 vs. $150 expansion 128k memory? I know the expansions would be nice for programs such as surveying data collection cards, but why not just get a new calculator if you're needing more memory? Does the 48GX have 128 kb of available memory?


Re: Why purchase a 128k card for 48GX? - Mike - 01-22-2001

If you plan on using alot of programs that require memory then get a 48GX + card. If not then the 48g is a much better deal.

Re: Why purchase a 128k card for 48GX? - Marx Pio - 01-23-2001

I'd rather carry one 48 than two in order to have 256Kb of memory. However it's a good idea to have a couple of a 48 machines, each one with its own specifics programs e.g. structural engineering and surveying.

Re: Why purchase a 128k card for 48GX? - Angus - 01-23-2001

If you get a non-hp card it will cost much less - a 128K and 1M together can be bought for about $80. This way, you can install a good selection of programs (see the number available on sites like hpcalc.org and area48.com - many of which can make the 48 easier to use)
If you have your programs on a card which is write-protected, there is much more chance of them still being there if your calc crashes, batts go flat, etc. You can also store backups of your entire Home directory or any important data in it.

Non-HP Memory Cards? - dan - 01-23-2001

Can you tell me where I can find non-HP memory cards on the web or by phone? I was wandering if they were available. I can see the advantage if a 128kb and 1Mb can be purchased for less than $80. Thanks.

Re: Non-HP Memory Cards? - Angus - 01-23-2001

Have a look at http://www.hpcalc.org/buying.php There is some info and tables with links for the various companies.
The only comments I can make is that I have noticed 1 or 2 posts about problems people had with Cynox cards, but have not noticed anything negative about Mikes cards (one of which I use) which are available from Dirk Stolte.

Anyone else got cheap ram card comments?
(cheap cards, not comments :-))