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82033A Rechargeable Battery Pack Rebuild - Ty Rogers - 01-19-2001

Who rebuilds the 82033A Rechargeable Battery Pack for the HP 42143A Printers, and how much does it cost.

Re: 82033A Rechargeable Battery Pack Rebuild - Les Bell - 01-19-2001

There's no shortage of people who can do it, Ty. I just looked in the Yellow Pages here in Sydney, Australia, and rang a company listed there. Sent them the 82143's battery pack, along with a battery pack for an Icom radio, and got both back ten days or so later, good as new. I forget how much it cost, but I reckon it was good value.


--- Les [http://www.lesbell.com.au]

Re: 82033A Rechargeable Battery Pack Rebuild - Wayne Brown - 01-20-2001

I had mine rebuilt at Batteries Plus. If I remember correctly, it was about $30.00 for an 82033A pack last year and about $20.00 for an HP-41 battery pack a couple of years ago.

Re: 82033A Rechargeable Battery Pack Rebuild - Katie - 01-20-2001

You might want to rebuild this yourself and save some time and money, it's not all that hard. Take a look at the article I posted in the "articles" section here for details on what to buy and where to get it.


Battery Pack Disassembly - Ty Rogers - 01-21-2001

Thanks for the post. Katie, how does one disassemble the battery pack without distroying it?

Re: Battery Pack Disassembly - Katie - 01-21-2001

Yeah, the hard part is doing just that, opening up the pack without destroying it. Here's what I do...

First: only the ends of the pack are actually bonded together. Don't try to open the pack along its length (other than to cut through the warning labels).

Take a heavy-duty razor blade mounted in a heavy-duty handle (or a #19 X-acto knife blade in the heavy-duty handle, is what I use). Find a corner of the pack that looks like it's the least cleanly put together and force the blade diagonally into the corner with *a lot* of pressure (be very careful not to slip and cut yourself!). The idea is to bury it about 1/16" into the plastic crack formed by the 2-halfs of the pack. Now twist the blade and hope that the pack starts to open up. It does about 50% of the time, if not, either try another corner and/or use the blade to dig into the seam on the ends of the pack and try the corner thing again. Once you get one end of the pack open the other side always just pulls apart.

Battery replacement is obvious if you order the pre-configured pack from Digikey that I suggest in the article. I use Duco Cement to put the plastic back together after replacing the batteries. Of course, I only use the glue on the ends of the pack and I clamp in together for a few minutes until the cement sets.