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Museum Update Proposal - Walter B - 08-18-2005

Quite often I find informations about vintage calcs I am looking for in the paragraph "Other". There I read repeatedly:

This page lists calculators that are too new to be considered museum pieces.

This is certainly true for the KinPo models. I leave it for discussion whether they shall be granted access to the museum at all (I see no need). But there was more than metallized and/or coloured plastic earlier, which is not covered yet.

Proposal: Let's describe the last models with our beloved big ENTER key. ...the real thing! And if this will support the strive for new quality calcs showing this key again, also this will be OK for me ;)

On the scientific side, I think of the models 20s, 21s of 1989, 32sii of 1991 and the 48g family (g, gx, g+) starting 1993. Regarding financial ("business") calcs, I've no idea. But I'm confident enough folks in this forum know it by heart.

Nobody can argue we are too nervous (losing our towel), starting a description of these "junior veterans" 16 years after the first appeared. I am willing to help with pictures and/or writing some text, if wanted and within my possibilities.

Of course its up to the curator to decide about an update, the time and way to do it. I just wanted to express my feelings - perhaps some folks share them.

Just my 0,02 Euros.

Re: Museum Update Proposal - Gordon Dyer - 08-21-2005

I agree with you, it would be nice to see the calc list expanded.

Re: Museum Update Proposal - Karl Schneider - 08-21-2005

To summarize it concisely, I would just advocate that a separate section be created to cover the entire Pioneer series. The last ones made, to my knowledge (20S and 32SII), were discontinued in 2002. They are museum pieces now, but certainly much "alive".

Of course, I don't like to stridently recommend additional uncompensated work tasks for the Curator. Perhaps those with something to contribute should sumbit material about Pioneers for inclusion. I recently posted to the Forum a table that categorized the models by class and function.

Several of the models are covered in MoHPC already, but there are 11 Pioneer models in total -- nine originals and two second-generation upgrades. It's a reasonably-formidable task.

-- KS