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Your Opinion of 17BII+ Calculator? - Jeff - 08-17-2005

I did a search but couldn't find anything. My apologies if this has been discussed here before. I was wondering what you thought of the 17BII+.

Many thanks!

Re: Your Opinion of 17BII+ Calculator? - Chris Dean - 08-18-2005

If you only want limited mathematical functionality (log, 10^x, ln,exp,N! and Pi) then it is great. The SOLVE function is a reasonable programming tool providing the user is aware of the L() and G() functions which are undocumented in the Owners manual Edition 1. These allow the user to to store and retrieve variables. The variables need to be registered first. There is a range of other functions that are available to the user IF, MAX, MIN, MOD, IP, FP, SUMMATION etc

There are articles and messages on this site for this calculator illustrating the power of the Solve function and how to use it to improve the mathematical functionality (sin, cos, tan ....).

It is a nice size calculator and has a reasonable 'HP' feel about it.

I found mine to be easier to program than an RPL calculator such as the 49G+ but very limited functionality wise in comparison.

Re: Your Opinion of 17BII+ Calculator? - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 08-18-2005

Hi, Jeff;

I own many HP calculators, and I have some financial models (37E, 38E/C, 12C, Platinum, 14B, 17BII, 19BII, 10BII and recently an HP17BII+). I mainly use scientific models, but when needed, I prefer using either the HP12C or the HP17BII.

I must confess I did not use all features available in the high-end models (HP17BII, HP19BII and HP17BII+), but I tested each example in their manuals. Some features I take as necessary, others are not used that much, but if you need currency conversions, be aware of time and date, set appointments, use a custom set of expression to solve for any arbitrary variable or work with more than one single cash flow data set, then the HP12C cannot follow you. You`ll need something like the HP17BII+.

I must tell you I prefer the HP17BII or the HP19BII for the HP17BII+. Keyboard feel/reliability and layout are determining in this choice of mine.

And to tell you the very truth: if it is algebraic/RPN selectable instead of algebraic-only, I'd go for the HP14B. I like using it, but sometimes I key in one number, press [INPUT], key in the second and press some two-number function keys ([+], [รท], etc) waiting to see the answer... My bad, I know, my bad...

I bought the HP17BII+ in order to know about it and to be able to use it as it is. I just complaint about the right-most, top row key: it fails from time to time. All of the rest is fine so far.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)

Re: Your Opinion of 17BII+ Calculator? - hugh steers - 08-18-2005

its a bit plastic, but if you can get it cheap its not so bad.


Re: Your Opinion of 17BII+ Calculator? - bill platt - 08-18-2005


are you aware that you will automatically log in as long as you use your regular password? That way, you can avoid the odd name.

drop me an email if you want.



Re: Your Opinion of 17BII+ Calculator? - hugh steers - 08-19-2005

this message means it worked. thanks bill!

Re: Your Opinion of 17BII+ Calculator? - Vincent Weber - 08-19-2005

The HP17BII"+" is a piece of crap.

I will justify this rather bold statement with some hard facts:

First of all, the pastic keys feel so cheap, noisy, and not reliable. Even the most controversial chevron keyboard of the 33S feels better than that !!
Second, the SOLVE function is completely messed up compared to the good old 17BII. The first edition did not have the L() and G() most useful functions at all; the second one has them, but forces you to register the variables first for them to work properly, which you never had to do on good old' 17BII. A good example of KinHPO QA standards.
Third, the solver can't even work properly at times - something as simple as L(A:2*x)+G(A)=8 can't even find a root!

Give it a miss, and shop for the good old 17BII on ebay - a wonderful calculator.



Re: Your Opinion of 17BII+ Calculator? - Jeff - 08-24-2005

Thanks for your input. I returned it. It has some nice features, but I am going to stick with the despised 12C Platinum. I don't like the size of the 17BII+, and with the case, it's monstrous! There are several useless features, too. And why isn't there a USEFUL conversion tool - distance, speed, size, etc.?