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Andy Delano's 71B Page - Howard Owen - 08-08-2005

Having just scored a 71B (with MEM reporting 123318!), I'm now in search of cool toys. JF Garnier's and Eric Smith's sites both refer to http://home.attbi.com/~andy.delano/index.htm as a resource page for the 71B. But that was the old cox@home hierarchy hastily converted over to attbi when the plug was pulled. And AT&T internet is now Comcast. Whatever, the address no longer exists. Does anyone know what became of the site?


Re: Andy Delano's 71B Page - David Smith - 08-09-2005

You might try the Wayback Machine and see if it archived the old site.

Re: Andy Delano's 71B Page - Howard Owen - 08-09-2005

Duh! (Smacks forehead with palm.)

Re: Andy Delano's 71B Page - Howard Owen - 08-09-2005

Well, it was a good idea. But Wayback comes up empty. The wole of "home.attbi.com" only has about a dozen pages, most referenced with HTTP GET URLs. The last page archived for the base page did point me to 'home.comcast.net' but http://home.comcast.net/~andy.delano/index.htm doesn't exist either.