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HP Forum - disgruntled - 08-08-2005

Why not change the name from HP Forum to HP Calculator Forum so there is no mistaking what the forum is actually for.

Re: HP Forum - Jim L - 08-08-2005

I would think that if the "This forum is for discussion of HP calculators" printed in red above the message box doesn't stop people, then nothing will. ;-)

Re: HP Forum - Howard Owen - 08-08-2005

Dave could try adding "laptop" and "printer" to his list of forbidden words. 8)

Actually, adding "Calculator to the forum title wouldn't hurt, and it might do some good. Knowing nothing about this site, J. Random User does a Google search for "HP Forum" and gets several hits in MoHPC. At the top of the page are the words "HP Forum" So she hauls off and asks her laptop question, ignoring the red letters because they probably just are telling her to be cool..

This seems pretty clear to me Mr. disgruntled - Mike - 08-08-2005

HP Calculators is printed at the top of every page. How can one get confused. Maybe you just get confused easily.

I guess it could have been:

http: www.hpcalculatorNoWaitThatsTooRestrictiveForSomeMaybeOneOrTwoOfHPProductsIsBetter.com

What do you think about that one?

Try Google - Howard Owen - 08-09-2005

Guess what the second link on Google is for "HP Forum" not in quotes? It's the page just above this one. Look for "HP Calculators" on that page. Now look for "HP Forum." Which is easier to see?

Great picture by the way, Dave. 8)

Edited: 9 Aug 2005, 1:00 a.m.

Re: This seems pretty clear to me Mr. disgruntled - disgruntled - 08-09-2005

I have no confusion on the forums use as I would not respond non calculator based questions.

Re: Try Google - Jim L - 08-09-2005

I searched on Google. The first link is to HP's IT forums. The second link is to here but it is marked right on the Google search page as: "This forum is for discussion of HP calculators".

I went to the HP IT forum and it doesn’t let you post without registering. I think many people just don't want to take the time to register so then they look for another forum. This forum is next on the list and doesn't require registration so...

Requiring registration might make a lot of off-topic posts go away, but it might make a lot of on-topic posts go away too.

Re: thread topic in general - don wallace - 08-19-2005

Isn't life too short to get worked up over all this?

Re: thread topic in general - Chris Dean - 08-19-2005

You are right Don we all come to this forum because we enjoy it, ex disgruntled.