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HP 48GX Question - dan - 01-17-2001

Can an HP 48GX add fractions? Rather than always converting the factions to decimals, is there a program where you can enter in numbers to the 1/16ths of an inch and add the fractions. This is a common feature on construction calculators and would be very nice on a 48GX. I'm ordering one this week and am possibly ordering an 12C for adding fractions, it just seems that the 48GX should be able to handle this.


Re: HP 48GX Question - Mike - 01-17-2001

I don't know if the 48 natively adds fractions as I don't own one but there are numerous programs on hpcalc.org that refer to fractions so I am sure it is possible at the very least to program it to do so

Re: HP 48GX Question - Ron Ross - 01-17-2001

The Hp48 has programs available to do fractions as stated. It also comes with a built in quotent key that converts any decimal into simplest fraction and can also be forced to show (round or trunciate) values of fractions to 16ths or 32nds.

Just add your decimal numbers up, hit purple key, then symbolic above #9. Use next key below the f key and the soft menu will display a Q. Hit that and the decimal value will be reduce to lowest common fraction.

Re: HP 48GX Question - Matt Kernal - 01-18-2001

If it's not too late, I'd change your order to a 32SII instead of the 12C. The 32SII is the only RPN calculator that can natively operate in fractions "mode". Other than the Divide key, the 12C doesn't have a true fractions mode. Check the specs on HP's calculator webpages.

For more information on this, see the thread named "Program for adding fractions?" in early Dec. 2000.

In this thread, on Dec. 7, 2000, Fred ALBERT (France) said "That's right : the 32SII is able to work with fractions. You just have to activate the FDISP function. One of the restriction is that the denominator must be inferior to 4095. You have different modes of fractions to fix the max value of the denominator (up to 4095 of course). You can fix the denominator too, ...."

Good Luck,


Re: HP 48GX Question - Marx Pio(Brasil) - 01-18-2001

Better try a 49G or change into metric system like the rest of the world do. ;^)