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HP9825 and HP9862A plotter - how ? - marais - 07-29-2005

Dear community, I need help getting my 9862 plotter to work with my 9825.
I was hoping my 16 bit interface would be suitable for the plotter, but looking at the plug I begin to have a doubt. Which interface is necessary
to use this plotter? It's not an HPIB model as far as I know.
Furthermore, a plotter I/O is needed, which I luckily have as a combined 9862A plotter - general I/O -
extended I/O cartridge. However, I am currently using a general I/O- extended I/O-matrix cartridge,
which I use for the matrix functions. What happens if two cartridges with partly identical contents
are inserted into the 9825? I know that this would be forbidden on the 85, and could even damage
the machine.


Re: HP9825 and HP9862A plotter - how ? - Achim - 07-31-2005

You must no use two ROM cartridges with identical functions (e.g. general I/O) because they have identical addresses and would be selected at the same time. This might damage one ore both cartridges. The best is, you use the dedicated matrix ROM cartidge. Eventually you find this on ebay.
Regarding the 9862, you will need the 16 bit I/O interface. If you haven't the matching cable you might solder one. I have the same problem and the interface and cable is laying on my workbench since weeks because I didn't have the time to work out the correct connections. Maybe if someone has an original cable and could give us the layout or make photos we could save much time.

By the way, how's your 9810 repair going on? I have also three machines repaired, including the card reader, maybe I can help.


Re: HP9825 and HP9862A plotter - how ? - marais - 07-31-2005

thank you for your reply. I do have the 16 bit I/O interface, with the printer option, but since the connectors don't match, I ruled the idea out. Now if someone had the layout for the adapter cable, I would be most interested!
My 9810 is doing better, thanks for asking! You can find a report on the current status on 9810 repair status
I will next work on the printer, I found a 74107 on an old pcb, and am considering soldering it onto the printer pcb.


the 9862 is even supposed to work with the 9810 - marais - 08-02-2005

According to the museum, the 9862A plotter can also be used with the older 9810. I know some interface exists for the 9825, but I've never seen one for the 9810. A mystery.


Re: the 9862 is even supposed to work with the 9810 - Tony Duell - 08-03-2005

For both the 98x0 and 98x5 series there were 'generic' parallel interfaces -- the 11202 for the 98x0 and the 98032 for the 98x5 IIRC. Many peripherals (including printers, card readers, paper tape readers, punches) used these interfaces with the right links fitted and the right cable. I wonder if the 9862 used them as well.

Re: the 9862 is even supposed to work with the 9810 - Achim (Germany) - 08-05-2005

There is a special 8 bit parallel unidirectional 9862 interface for use with the 9810/20/30. It's schematic is decribed in the 9810 patent.


Re: the 9862 is even supposed to work with the 9810 - marais - 08-06-2005

I just got myself the patent, more than 400 pages, wow! You must be referring to figure 171 on page 184 "Interface logic to plotter". I found the pin-out of the I/O backplane on Tony Duell's schematics, what's missing is the pin-out of the plotter, and of course the time to wire up the two latches, a FF and some gates. I'll give it some thought.