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Look !!! HP42S = or > $500 !!! - gileno - 07-16-2005


Re: Look !!! HP42S = or > $500 !!! - Namir - 07-16-2005

Both seller and current high bidder have a zero feedback. Makes me wonder!!!


MUST be dreaming... - Johnny Bjoern Rasmussen - 07-16-2005

Amazing!!! Well - if one can get $500,- for a HP-42S, I really have a true fortune displayed in my collector rack.
I will not be surprised to dream something like the below tonight, thinking about that ebay-auction.

"Well - now it may be just the right time to put my fingerprints on ebay. They must be at least $300 worth, having held my hp-01, hp-10c, hp-12c, hp-..... Zzzzzzzzz....
Oh - my old desktop drawer, have contained about 12-15 different HP-calculators...
Oh oh oh - my old school bag have held four different hp-calculators...
AND my eyes have seen many many many HP-calculators... I might consider to donate them to a HP calculator collector, who just happens to have a couple of hundred thousand bucks laying around..."

Sleep tight!

Re: Look !!! HP42S = or > $500 !!! - Howard Owen - 07-16-2005

That is indeed outrageous.

But I have noticed that the 42S goes for a fair premium on eBay compared to some other calculators. From playing with simulators and reading about the device, it seems like a nice machine. But why is it so pricey in general? It doesn't seem to be particularly rare, judging by the number of auctions.

Re: Look !!! HP42S = or > $500 !!! - Johnny Bjoern Rasmussen - 07-16-2005

No - not rare here in Denmark. In my four-five years collecting HP's I have bought say 5 or 6 42S' for trading. The most expensive I paid DKR 300,- for. That is about $ 20,- or so. I was given one of them, as it had a small dark spot in the display, and others I had for DKR 150,- (about $10,-), wich is the amount I always tell people with hp calcs laying around, that I want to pay for it. I always tell them that it might be more worth on say Ebay, but they allways say something like; "Well - I know that my old calc will get a good home at your place, or at least at somebody else if you trade it away..."

In Denmark you can ask almost any electronics engeneer graduated in the early nineties - 7 out of 10 have a HP-42S laying about some where...



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