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41C Service ROM? - Ion Abraham (New Mexico USA) - 01-13-2001


The HP 41C service manual refers to a service/diagnostics ROM, that is a plug-in ROM that can be used for diagnostic tests.

Do any of you have one of these things, or know anything about it?

Best regards,

Ion Abraham
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Re: 41C Service ROM? - Philip Reagan (Texas) - 01-16-2001

Yes, I have one. I acquired from someone about a year ago. The ROM works as indicated in the Service Manual. It came with another ROM that wasn't labeled. It could be the "Flag Wired" ROM that is referred to in the Service Manual but I'm not sure. I remember seeing that one of the HP41 Emulators had a copy of the Service ROM in soft copy. It worked the same as my real one. I can't remember which emulator it was; it may be Tcalc, I just don't remember.

That's what I know.