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Accessing Functions on HP41 - Mike T. - 06-30-2005

I've tried looking around for an answer to this very simple problem but can't find one - I'm proabably just asleep though.

How do I include the 'FRAC' function in a program on the HP41 ... ?

I thought I'd just take a quick look at the HP41CV in Nonpareil and just to get a feel for it, enter my 'favorite' psudo random number generator routine - but I couldn't work out how to get at the FRAC function, and now it is bugging me!


Mike T.

Re: Accessing Functions on HP41 - Eric Smith - 06-30-2005

Use the key sequence XEQ ALPHA F R C ALPHA.

You can find the function names of built-in functions using CATALOG 3.

If you use a function frequently, you may want to assign it to a key. For instance, if you're not using TAN, you could give the sequence shift ASN ALPHA F R C ALPHA TAN. Now if you put the calculator in user mode, the TAN key will instead act as FRC.

You can see what function a key is assigned by pressing and holding the key. The function name will be shown in the display. If you release the key, it will execute. But if you hold the key for more than a second or so, it will change to NULL, and then when you release it nothing will happen. That way if you're not sure about using a key, you can find out what it is.

Re: Accessing Functions on HP41 - Mike T. - 07-03-2005

Thanks - Success, I'd never 'used' and HP41 before - they are a little different from the older models..

Many thanks...

Mike T.