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HP 82240B IR Format - Golden Chiu - 01-09-2001

I am looking for the IR format of HP 82240B Infrared Printer. Anyone know where I can get or buy it. Thanks.

Re: HP 82240B IR Format - Thibaut.be - 01-10-2001

I think that this issue was pretty ell exposed on the articles section of this site

Re: HP 82240B IR Format - John Kono - 01-10-2001

From the question you left in the articles forum, I'm assuming that you wish to purchase the printer. If that's the case, then brand new units can be purchased directly from HP for $135, but used ones can be purchased on eBay for just about half that (on average). If you would like to buy from HP, got to http://shopping.hp.com/ and look for calculator accessories. The last time I checked, they offered free shipping on orders over US$100, but I don't remember if they accept orders from outside the US. If you can't find the page, e-mail me directly and I'll send you the exact URL.

Re: HP 82240B IR Format - db - 01-11-2001

and hurry, i heard that they are to be discontinued soon; so the ebay price will double.