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Question - Juan J - 06-22-2005

I have been busy lately, doing things here and there and traveling often. Thankfully, I've managed to lurk around the Forum.

After a while postponing, I finally moved from calculators to a PDA, namely an HP Jornada 690. A nice machine that avoids carrying a bulky laptop around. And the calculator collection can safely remain at home, away from wear and tear. It is even possible to dispense with the notebook, since the handy keyboard makes taking notes easy.

I like the built-in applications. There is even an RPN calculator. However, it is not as functional as a good old HP. Is there a good emulator, like V41, available for the Jornada 690?

Thanks in advance.

HP emulator for Jornada 690? - John L. Shelton - 06-23-2005

I don't have an answer for you. But may I suggest that next time you post with a more informative subject line, such as this one. This would save time for others who cruise the site.

Good luck.

12345 to delete.

Re: Question - Raymond Del Tondo - 06-23-2005


please take a look at the 'Calculator Simulations' page: