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HP-35 display - Robert Hollyer - 06-22-2005

I have a version 2 HP-35 that is in nice condition. However, unlike other classic HP calculators that I have owned, the circuit traces and pins of the LED driver ICs are visible through the plastic LED display cover. This seems odd since I assume that normally some type of black plastic overlay would have been present to block the view of the LED driver pins and traces. Before I cobble a fix together, I am curious if anyone has information regarding whether other HP-35 calculators were produced with driver pins that were visible through the display? What are the dimensions or details of the material that normally blocks the view of the driver ICs?

Re: HP-35 display - Randy - 06-23-2005

I've seen two high tech solutions employed by HP for this issue:

1) A strip of black fabric tape.
2) A small black extruded rubber profile that snapped between the LED's and the driver IC's.

#2 is prefered as the adhesive dries out on the tape and it falls off.