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hp42s non believers - david bowers - 06-16-2005

i am the surveyor in taiwan who drops his 42s, i lost it on the site last week, i bought it in 1987, i am in china, i posted a reward of 50usd and 4 days later a chinese worker turned it in
it had fallen 18 feet from the atrium level to the ground floor concrete slab, the batteries had spread over 10 feet and the corner of the top left hand part of the front panel has lifted 2 mm, you can see thru the gap and daylight appears around the display, but it STILL WORKS
i have taped it together and will retire it to my home
i did buy some 11cs from randy and sent him the photos as proof
i actually like the 11c layout as i can hold it with the page open in my field book a certain way that is more comfortable than the 42,

Re: hp42s non believers - John Smitherman - 06-16-2005

Hi David. Thanks for the testimony. If you don't mind would drop a 33s and 49G+ from the same height to see how they hold up compared to your 42s.



Re: hp42s non believers - Namir - 06-16-2005


You are inquiring about the obvious <G> ... the 33s and 49G+ would stop working AT THE THOUGHT of throwing them down many feet!!!



Re: hp42s non believers - bill platt - 06-16-2005

I just dropped my 33s off the desk on purpose and it still works...but i am not going to drop it 14 feet just now....not so confident in that----

Re: hp42s non believers - Namir - 06-16-2005

I think HP should hire many of us to to R&D and quality control!!!

Re: hp42s non believers - Dia C. Tran - 06-16-2005

If you drop the 33S or 49G+ they may not survive but then they won't give you a heart attack like the 42S.

Re: hp42s non believers - Namir - 06-16-2005

Maybe they will be stuck in algebraic mode??? What horror!

Re: hp42s non believers - Hugh Evans - 06-16-2005

That would be a great move on HP's part. I'm looking forward to turning this community loose on pre-production OpenRPN products, though. For debugging, feature-testing, and mechanical torture no designer could ask for a better group of people.

As a side note: OpenRPN is moving forward on hardware design. We should have final electronic specifications within the next month (MCU, SRAM, Flash, LCD, and tactile domes).