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Thanks for web site curator - Namir - 06-12-2005

I want to thank David the curator of this web site (and the many folks who have helped him) for the update of the documentation CDs/DVD. David has been working hard behind the seen for this valuable update. Hats off for you!!

I placed an order for the new DVD and am eager to receive it and browse through the added documents.


Re: Thanks for web site curator - Eric Smith - 06-12-2005

Agreed! My update DVD arrived yesterday, and contains several new manual scans which I had been eagerly awaiting. David is doing the community a fantastic service with both this web site and the CDs/DVDs.

And thanks to HP as well for giving David permission to reproduce their copyrighted materials.


I second you, Namir! (was: Thanks for web site curator) - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 06-12-2005

Re: Thanks for web site curator - Paul Marin - 06-12-2005

Even us "Down under" don't take Davids efforts for granted.
A valued site worthy of applause. Would any of us have done such work like he has?
Good on ya Dave


Re: Thanks for web site curator - Dave Hicks - 06-13-2005

Thank YOU Namir, Eric, Paul, Luiz and everyone who submitted scans and everyone who contributes to the forums!