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82143A sample printout request - Eric Smith - 06-12-2005

Could someone with a working 82143A printer please make a printout of the complete character set (e.g., using the program on page 23 of the manual, output as shown on page 37), and send me a high-resolution scan of it (not in JPEG format!)? I want to get the character generator for the 82143A simulation in Nonpareil correct, and the two scans I've seen of the manual aren't of high enough resolution that I can make out all the pixels precisely.

Alternatively, if someone can provide a high-resolution non-JPEG scan of page 37 of the manual, that should be fine too.


Re: 82143A sample printout request - Les Bell - 06-12-2005

Done - 1200 dpi bw scan on its way.


--- Les


Re: 82143A sample printout request - Hank Jostock - 06-12-2005

Hi Eric,

I cannot locate my 82143 but I did find the Handbook.

The 82143A PRINTER OWNER'S HANDBOOK (82143-90001 May 1979) has a printed list of the Characters on page 37 of the HANDBOOK. I cannot tell you for sure what the character for code 123; it is not clear in the Handbook either.

There are possible solutions if you have a 82143 or a 82162 printer avaliable.

Page 23 of the 82143 Handbook lists the following program to print the full list of 127 characters.

01 (Diamond) LBL "Chars"
02 1.127
03 STO 00
04 FIX 0
05 (Diamond) LBL 00
06 RCL 00
07 ACX
09 ADV
10 ISG 00
11 GTO 00
12 FIX 4
13 END

I could not test the above program.

I have not yet had time to connect up my IL system to print the list from the 162 but page 24 of the HP 82162A Thermal Printer OWNER'S MANUAL (82162-90001 April 1981) page 24 lists the characters 64-127 in both the ASCII set and the alternate set. In the ASCII set, code 123 is the opening curly brace and in the ALTERNATE set code 123 is the Greek lowercase letter pi. (3.14159 . . . . )

The HP82240A Infrared Printer Manual (Multilingual Edition 2 82240-90101 Oct. 1986) page 18 shows code 123 as the opening curly brace.

The HP 82242A Infrared Printer Module Owner's Manual (82242-9001 Dec. 1987) page 74 shows code 123 MAPOFF character as the opening curly brace and the code 123 MAPON character as the Greek lowercase letter pi.

I hope this helps.