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+/- function on HP-28S?? - Orb - 05-30-2005

Hi all,
I just bought an HP-28S without a users manual and am trying to get by without it until I can find one. I'm having a problem finding the +/- function...
example: 2.5E-6 (how do you enter the "-" ??)
Anyone know?

Yes, the CHS key - John - 05-30-2005

Must be a recent HP convert. For ages, negative numbers were entered using the CHS (change sign) key.

Welcome to the way of truth.

Re: Yes, the CHS key - Paul Marin - 05-30-2005

It's nice to see so many converting over from the "Dark side" isn't it?


CHS Forever! - Trent Moseley - 05-30-2005



...plus [ENTER], [Rdwn], [x<>y]... - HP fan - 05-31-2005

123456 to remove

I have seen the light...Thank you all!! - Orb - 05-31-2005

Who would've thought the CHS key could be the one.
I love my HP28S and have a hard time putting it down. Girlfriend's getting a little jealous.....might have to hide the calculator somewhere safe lest it be sacrificied.
thanks all,