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Non calculator tread: HP Jornada 680 / 720 battery - Johnny Bjoern Rasmussen - 05-23-2005

*** Non calculator tread ***

I'm looking for a replacement for my old and worn down Li-Ion battery package for my HP Jornada 680. The battery package are equal for the models Jornada 680, 680e, 690, 710, 720 and 728.
Therefore I'm seeking fellow Jornada 6xx and 7xx owners who have had success (or no success) rebuilding the battery package. I have pulled my battery package apart, and have found that it contains of 2 pcs. Sony 18650S Li-ion cells each rating at 3,6V.

(If this tread is unwanted here, as it's not about HP calculators, please notefy my and I will delete it.)

Edited: 23 May 2005, 3:33 p.m.

Re: Non calculator tread: HP Jornada 680 / 720 battery - Raymond Del Tondo - 05-23-2005


regardless if it's OT or not,

I'd give this link a try:




Have replaced the cells!!! - Johnny Bjoern Rasmussen - 05-25-2005

Luck was on my side this time!!! I resently had the battery pack in my old Dell Latitude D600 laptop replaced. Just to see what was inside, I dismantled the Dell pack, and found to my joy, that it contained the same cells. So now I have replaced the two cells in the Jornada battery pack with two cells from the "dead" Dell battery pack, in hope that they at least are a little better than those from the Jornada.
Well - right now, the Jornada is charging on my kitchen table, the red light on the Jornada are still lit after more than 1½ hours of charging, indicating that the battery pack is charging. With the old and almost dead battery pack the Jornada turned on to green light after just 5 minutes of charging.
I'll be back with the latest newsflash as soon as possible...

Johnny Bjørn Rasmussen

Edited: 25 May 2005, 11:37 p.m.

Re: Made a change of cells!!! - Soueu - 05-26-2005

Hi !...

A word of caution ....

Most Li-Ion cells can explode or catch on fire when short-circuited or abused electrically or mechanically, that is why they require a small protection circuit for safety.
Be extremely careful when handling/connecting Li-Ion cells...


Re: Have replaced the cells!!! - SUCCESS!!! - Johnny Bjoern Rasmussen - 05-27-2005

Yes, I know that the powers in rechargable batteries are high. Therefore I realy w a s carefull and didn't want to make any mistakes. I reused the thick pieces of tape, as was placed in the source Dell battery package, for insulating the terminals. In fact, I have not changed the construction, but have just replaced the batteries itselves.
And the result speaks for it self. I can now charge the batteries to 100% (thats six out of six bars in the battery monitor in the Control Panel).