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HP 49G + Programming help - Chris - 05-15-2005

I bought an HP 49G+ about half a year ago, and I'm loving it.
I've learnt how to use the RPN well, and it's really helping me with my maths etc etc...
(I'm in my final year of school doing the IB in advanced maths and Physics).
But I have one small problem. I can't manage to install programs and run them on my calculator.
After downloading them on Hpcalc.org, i put them on the calculator through USB. After a lot of web trawling, i figured out i needed to do something to do with a library... Even though i'm a nerd at computers, i still don't get what i'm supposed to do. Do you think you could just give me a few simple steps to follow, to install a simple program downloaded from the web?

Thanks for your time,

Re: HP 49G + Programming help - Raymond Del Tondo - 05-15-2005


try the related newsgroup comp.sys.hp48


Re:<Five steps to install libraries> HP 49G + Programming help - Marx Pio - 05-15-2005


1- Download the library
2- Put the library in stack
3- Press 0 STO
4- Warmstart the calculator pressing ON and C simult
5- Right shift and Lib and choose the library you want to run