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ZENROM, PPC, CCD & SANDBOX - Jon - 05-02-2005


I am trying to configurate a clonix module for synthetic programming aid. I have in mind these modules:


Just wondering if somebody knows any incompatibility.


Re: ZENROM, PPC, CCD & SANDBOX - Gene - 05-02-2005

Zenrom and CCD have some issues. I seem to recall they were addressed by placing one in a higher numbered port, but can't remember which one!

And, you might want to use the CCD/OSX 4K module.

I have had the PPC, CCD OSX, Sandbox and Hexpax in my Clonix with no issues.

Really had no need for Zenrom...(ok, I guess I shouldn't use NEED with relationship to much of my HP hobby) :-)

Re: ZENROM, PPC, CCD & SANDBOX - Ángel Martin - 05-03-2005

I agree that with the CCD and the Hepax on it there's no much "request" or "necessity" (to avoid the word need) for a Zenrom. The PPC is, of course, a landmark by itself but if you're interested in MCODE functions you could replace it with other, newer modules...